Global Health Reading List

This page is still under construction.  It will provide a list of important and landmark papers in the field of global health – a discipline guided by principles of health equity and a commitment to seeing every human being as fundamentally equal and worthy of the attention of society.  This is in preparation of a 2-day crash course for doctors and medical students on Global Health and Social Justice.

  • Aligning Efforts in Global Health – NEJM ’18
    • A nice perspective article in which authors Dhillon and Karan outline the overarching rationale for 3 motivations that drive global health policy and action  –  1) ensuring health security, 2) promoting economic and political development, and 3) achieving health equity as a universal human right – and call for teamwork to achieve practical goals.
  • Ebola – Lessons Learned – Upshur – Public Health Ethics ’15
    • Upshur and Smith review the lessons learned identified by many with respect to the local, national and international response to the Ebola outbreak.  The authors explain how the vast majority of these lessons are ethical issues, stemming from moral failures.  The authors call for an approach to global public health emergencies that embodies a sense of solidarity and global justice.
  • Human right to health – UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ’00
    • The human right to health is recognized as a fundamental human right indispensable for the exercise of other human rights in numerous international instruments.  As clinicians, teachers and members of health professional organizations, we have a special responsibility in relation to the implementation and progressive realization of the right to health – a  continuing obligation to move as expeditiously and effectively as possible towards the full realization of “Health for All”.